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Acct: Yarramild



JD8430 greenstar spread duals with 1 tonne NH3 tank, 8135hrs, JD8310 greenstar spread duals, 7824hrs, uncontanimated front tank hypro pump, JD8300 spread duals,10,296hrs, JD7800 uncontaminated front tank hypro pump,10760hrs, JD4640 tractor,10296hrs.


Cat 910 8OU1187, Ford 655 backhoe, Hitachi EX 120 excavator 12H-22724,7700hrs

Motor Vehicles

Mitsubishi FM 557 drop side tip truck, rego 3/2017-439SLA,149,000klms, 2006 Toyota Landcruiser 79SER, 350,000klms, 2000 Toyota Landcruiser GXL prado, 1998 diesel hilux (unregistered)single cab, 259,000klms, Mahindra PikUp, Suzuki AG bike, Honda AG bike, Yamaha Auto 2wd Quad, Honda 4wd quad.


Hayes 24m rig + 1500l tank (Hypro pump), Hayes 24m rig 1500l tank (Hypro pump), 2x18m home made rigs (uncontaminated), 1 channel sprayer Hypro pump, 2 x 4000L trailers Aquatrans tanks, 3800L trailer + mix tank.


Gessner 18 tyne HR1200 hydraulic chisel, 8m Horwood Bag trash worker, 9.6m TG gyral planter.

Cotton Plant

8 row 3100 Kinze planter,finger pick up and cotton brush seed mechanism,trash wipers,2KPM II seed monitors, 8 row multifarming gas rig with metermatic and 8 ripping tynes, 8 row listing rig, 8 row gessner roll cultivator, 8 row steel roller, 8 row Orthman cultivator set up as side dress rig, metermatic, 8 row shield sprayer, Ellis, 4 row hydraulic bed renovator with multifarming tynes, 8 row Ortman cultivator, 2NH3 tanks, 2rotobucks, 2 drag scrapers, 2 Challenge 3PL graders, 1 head ditch delver, 8 row Janke hydraulic root cutter, 4 row loftness mulcher, 810T hydraulic Marshall spreader 02056978, 8 tonne Inverell gruper on trailer, plant trailer to suit 8 row gear, Nathan 1.02 tonne trailer.


siphonshead ditch walkwaysJD 6068TF250 new motor JD 6068DF150 new motorFlapper8m rubber tyre roller


mobile welding plantHonda 2 kva inverter13 HP Honda compressor on trailer2 electic compressors with fittingshydraulic bead breaker  and tyre leavers2 electric weldersHonda petrol pressure cleaneroxy gearnumerous spares for all rigsall spare parts in workshops2 * fuel trailers Honda pumps1 fuel trailer with electric pumpCox 15 HP Stockman mowerhigh torque hyraulic helical gaer reducer2 Davies Shepherd water metersnumerous 2 inch and 11/2 inch petrol pumpsspare electic pressure pumps


gas branding furnace with gas bottleear tag applicatorsring plierswire winder3 electic fence energisers, with solar panelsQty steel strainers

Plant – 


JD 8410 9500 hrs,JD 825R 3000 hrs with 2000lt spraytank and pump,JD 8270R 9500 hrs with 2000lt spraytank and pump,JD 8310 10000 hrs with 2000lt spraytank and pump,2 x Greenstar GPS units,caterpillar 12E 17K grader with electric start,JCB 3XC backhoe,2 sets JD Duals 480/80r 50,JD 670A grader


Seris 24m Boomspray,Marshall Multispreader 810,Hayes N Buggy, 20ft Gessner ripper,12 row Norseman vacuum planter with monitors, 12 row easyfix knife cultivator, 8 row Gessner NH3 rig with simplicity air seeder, 4 row Gessner bed buster,12 row easyfix lilliston,4 row Loftness mulcher with root cutter,20ft Chisel plow with Boss tynes,20ft Bigrig Rotobuck,12 row steel roller,Norseman end tow (heavy duty)


10000lt water trailer (mixer),10ft drag bucket,2 ton seeder bin,Delver,3 pt lingage fork lift,2 x Sherwell mobile silos,1 ton gas tank,30ft grainline auger,1200lt fuel trailer and pump,900mm Rodney high head gate,Honda Quad,Spraytank and boom to suit quad


Holden Colorado ute 2011 registered,Mazda ute 2006 registered,Duetz Marquis tipper going with spares


Qty pipes,15 x 600mm x 6m sheet piling,Pallet of draining matting




JD 8R285 Duals 3000Hrs, Linkage Quick Hitch, spray tank, pump,JD 8R270 Duals4900Hrs, Linkage Quick Hitch, spray tank, pump,JD 8410 10,000Hrs, Linkage Quick Hitch,JD 8310 9900Hrs, Linkage Quick Hitch, spray tank, pump,2X JD 2cm GPS units,JD tractor weights,Cat 12E 17K grader,JD 670A grader,Deutz V8 diesel tipper goes,JCB 3CX Backhoe

Motor Vehicles

2011 Holden Colorado 4X4 diesel tray back  832SCI, with slip, 2008 Mazda BT50 4X4 diesel tray back 70000Km, 894WWM, with slip,Honda Big Red Quad with spray tank and boom

Cotton Equipment

Norseman 12 row Vacuum Planter, Monitor Excellent condition,Norseman Heavy Duty End Tow to suit above,12 Row Easy Fix Lilliston Cultivator,12 Row Easy Fix Parallelogram Cultivator,12 Row linkage Steel Roller, with extra set of rubber tyred rollers,8 Row Gessner NH3/Granular fertilizer rig with Mounted Simplicity Box,4 Row Gessner Bed Renovator,4 Row Gessner Mulcher/Root Cutter,Quantity of Gessner spares,Heavy Duty Ditcher, home built,10’ Drag Bucket,16’ Gessner Rigid Chisel Plow,20’ AFM Chisel with new Boss tynes,24 Row Seris Hydraulic Linkage Boom Spray,810 Marshall Spreader, excellent condition,8 Row Napier Go-devils,20’ Big Rig Roto buck,4T N Buggy,1T NH3 tank with fittings and hoses,Spray tanks,Channel boom,Linkage forklift, 28 bags Sicot 748B3 cotton seed,10,000L water trailer with pump and mixing setup,8”X30’ Grainline Auger good condition,2X 25T Sherwell PTO grain bins good condition,2T seed bin on wheels,1200L Fuel trailer with Honda pump,20 HP Kohler motor runs,2X Honda 11/2” water pumps,2 Railway line road levellers

Pipes and Gates

900mm Irritek High head irrigation gate, unused,1X 12mX 1500mm gal pipe unused,Quantity heavy steel pipe,15X 6mX600mm Steel piles


2001 HDJ79R Toyota Landcruiser turbo diesel ute(285000klms), 2013/2014 camper trailer, skicraft ski boat & trailer, 2008 CRF250r motorbike 2.6hs since top & bottom rebuild, 2006 Toyota Hilux 185000klms motor rebuilt at 175000 klms.

2007 Honda 420 quad, 1973 Toyota D6000 truck with stock crate

IMG_20170603_122036 IMG_3308 IMG_3311 IMG_3312 IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3317 IMG_3330 IMG_3331 IMG_3332 IMG_3333 IMG_3334 IMG_3336

P1100818 P1100773 P1100774 P1100775 P1100776 P1100777 P1100778 P1100779 P1100780 P1100782 P1100783 P1100784 P1100785 P1100786 P1100787 P1100788 P1100789 P1100790 P1100791 P1100792 P1100793 P1100795 P1100796 P1100797 P1100798 P1100799 P1100800 P1100801 P1100802 P1100803 P1100804 P1100805 P1100806 P1100807 P1100808 P1100809 P1100810 P1100811 P1100812 P1100813 P1100814 P1100815 P1100816 P1100817



P1100845 P1100820 P1100821 P1100822 P1100823 P1100824 P1100825 P1100826 P1100827 P1100828 P1100829 P1100830 P1100831 P1100832 P1100833 P1100834 P1100835 P1100836 P1100837 P1100838 P1100839 P1100840 P1100841 P1100842 P1100843 P1100844


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