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(Property Sold)


John Deere 8420 Tractor, 10,742hr, front tank, quick hitch, PTO, duals, FMX 1000 Trimble screen

John Deere 8410 Tractor, 14,396hr, 1200L front tank, 3PL, PTO

John Deere 8410 Tractor, 16,300hr, 2000L front tank, quick hitch, PTO

John Deere 4850 Tractor with 24m Boom, 3PL boom, good tyres, side tanks

John Deere 4640 with Challenge FEL, 15000hr, Murphys safety gauge, PTO, 3PL, Challenge 360 FEL, forks, bucket

International 986 Tractor,Cabin, good tyres

International 866D Tractor, PTO, 3PL, good tyres

International 1086 Tractor, F1086 model, cabin

Hitachi EX120-5 12T Excavator, 6750hr, desilt and digging bucket,grab

CAT D7D Dozer, D7D-17A dozer, cable blade (no rippers), canopy

CAT 21F Grader, comes with sloper blade for channels, no brakes

2011 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute, 151,000km, auto, 3L diesel, bullbar, steel tray

2012 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Ute, 324000km,D4D-3L motor, bullbar, steel tray

2011 Toyota Hilux Single Cab Ute, 170000km, bullbar, steel tray

Toyota Hilux Ute, Unreg, 2.8L diesel, bullbar,steel tray

Toyota Hilux Ute, 372126km, Unreg, bullbar, steel tray and sides

1996 International Acco 1850G Truck, 212,376km, registered, 160T model, single axle steel tipper, 4×2

International Acco C2050 Tipper Truck, v8 diesel motor, 8000L steel tank

International T2670 Tipper Truck, bogie drive, steel bin, diesel motor

EI Engineering Laser Bucket, 3.65m width, push unload carry scraper

Nissan 2.725T Forklift, H02 model, gas power

Richiger EA 180 Silo Bag Outloader

Richiger R9 Silo Bag Inloader

Wheatheart 6110 Auger, swingaway, 61ft, 10in, PTO drive

Wheatheart BH836 Auger, Honda GX 630 motor, 8in, 36ft

Mitze 7×34 Auger, Honda 13hp motor, 7in x 32ft

John Deere 9960 Cotton Picker, 4 row picker, 2582 fan hr, used 2017 cotton season

John Deere 9960 Cotton Picker, 4 row picker, 1901 fan hr, 4936 eng hr, used 2017 cotton season

John Deere 9976 Cotton Picker, 4 row picker, 3496 fan hr, 4556 eng hr

12m Mason Deere Vacuum Planter, 8720 model, 3PL, with Dickey John monitor

12m Excel Cultivator with Simplicity Heads, 3PL, 4 x simplicity heads

12m Argoplow Listing/Fert Rig, 3PL, 4 x Gyral hydraulic distributor heads, solid bar, solid tyres

4.9m Rotobuck, 3PL, solid bar

20T Chaser Bin, homemade, 15in auger,2m centres

28T MPH Sherwell Saucer Bin, PTO with auger

Spectra GL7 22 Laser,

12m Steel Roller, 3PL, solid tyres

12m Shielded Sprayer, redball shields, monitor, 3PL

20ft Stick Rake

4m Excel Rip Hiller, 3PL, solid bar

7 Tyne Heavy Ripper, 3.65m width

12 Tyne Agroplow,3PL, 4m width

16 Tyne Agroplow, 4m width, 4 simplicity fertilizer distributor heads

17 Tyne Agroplow, 3PL, 4m width

8m Bar, 3PL, used for fert, 4 x distributor units

8m Chain Bar, 3PL

8m Clamp and Wedge Bar, 3PL

8m Excel Cultivator, 3PL, with 2 fert heads, stabilising bar, suit spare parts

8m Janke Root Cutter, 3PL, hyd drive

8m Lilliston Bar, 3PL, 100mm bar

8m rollers, 3PL, solid bar, 1m roller units

8m Staple Spray Bar, 3PL

Drag Bucket, 3.65m width

GPS Guidance Gear, John Deere brown box, steering kit, universal steering kit, staritc receiver

Hydraulic Delver, 4.26m width, 3PL

Janke 4 Row Mulcher with Rootcutters, Tow behind hydraulic

Janke Mulcher Spares,

John Shearer Scarifier, 6.1m, tow behind, hydraulic fold

Laser Tower

Saucer Bin 1

Saucer Bin 2

Trimble RTK

White Boll Buggy, with spare tyre

40ft Module Builder 1, with motor

40ft Module Builder 2, with motor

40ft Module Builder 3, with motor

40ft Module Builder 4

40ft Module Builder 5

40ft Module Builder 6

40ft Module Builder 7

24m Spray Boom, 3PL, hydraulic fold

24m Spray Boom, 3PL, hydraulic fold

2000L Fuel Trailer

2000L Fuel Trailer, with motor

1700L Stainless Steel Tanks, suit tractor front tank, with frame

1700L Stainless Steel Tanks, suit tractor tank with frame

Cotton Picker Grease Trailer, grease tank for cotton pickers, with motor

Farm Service Trailer, box trailer, tyres good, includes oxy, air compressor, generator

12 Tyne Scarifier, 3PL, spring tyne

2.5T MAP fertilizer, (in bags)

200 x 40ft Cotton Tarps

500kg Potash (in bags)

5ft Slasher, 3PL, PTO

6m Steel Pipe, 500mm wide, 10mm wall

6m Storm Pro Pipe, 500mm wide, plastic outside

Band Saw

Channel Sprayer, 3PL, 15.24m, homemade

Drill Press

Drill Press

Ezee Lift 3PL Crane, suit quick hitch, hydraulic


Forklift Jib

Pencil Auger, with timer

Pencil Auger, with timer

Pilling Sheeting

Qty Steel Pipe, 36in, 34″, 26″,12″ off cut

Quantity of Steel, RHS, pipe, flat, angle, 3 x rio mesh.

Quantity Oil

Quantity Spares

Roll Geo Fabric

Spitwater Pressure Cleaner

Welding Table

Weldmac Mig

Workshop Press





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